“Live It” Fresh Market Buffet Dinner

Fresh Market Poster

Buy 3 get 1 complimentary ! Hurry ! try out our “Live-it” Fresh Market Buffet Dinner only at es.sense Kitchen

The buffet features more than 100 entrees including succulent air-flown seafood, meat and poultry selections, garden-crisp vegetables and many more. Three action cooking stations with Teppanyaki, BBQ & Grill and Soup, variety scrumptious clay pot dipping sauce and extensive dessert selections. Experience finest ” Live it ! ” Fresh Market cuisines from around the globe only at Es.sense Kitchen.

The buffet will be starts from at 6:30PM ~ 10:30PM Every Friday & Saturday. Hurry! Call 06-285 9000 or extn : 58168 to make your reservation now.

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